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Well, this is my first time writing a 'terms of use page'. I briefly read, well didnt really read so much as 'skimmed' the websites 'Creating a Terms and Conditions Policy'.  Basically a Terms and Conditions', I will call it TC for short is a well defined rule book for all of the activities that are allowed and disallowed on a website, the agreement between the website owner (me) and the website user (you), and many other formalities often associated with website(s) content, services, yada yada yada.

      I started this site to post funny videos and have a place where people can enjoy all my kitty pictures.  I have way too many pictures to put all of them here.  I love cats plain and simple. Another benefit of this site is I can post the current cat(s) I have available for re-homing.  I only have one extra room here where I rent and when this extra room is occupied by the current kitties from the streets awaiting foster or homes, me and my nine kitties I live with have even less room to run around. This website doesnt really offer any services, nor is there any kind of membership fee, although there is a button on the DONATE page linked to my paypal.  I really wanted to post funny videos and pictures so that there would be a little more for the person(s) contributing to my paypal to enjoy.

       The website has come a long way since its incept date of yesterday, 2/14/2021, and will probably never be finished.  Can you tell there isnt a whole lot of legal jargon?  I am not really concerned with covering my ass , or my fellow cat peoples ass with big words and such.  Why take all the fun out of it? I do suppose there should be some legal refferenda (is that a word?) at the very least, but hey, if the site takes off, maybe I will hire a lawyer or proffesional to write a terms of use.

     As far as the activities of you the website user, you are free to look at the pictures, watch the videos, join the Catpeople group on the Groups page, subscribe to our mailing list, leave feedback, or make a donation. At this time I really dont know what I would email out to everyone on the mailing list except maybe keeping everyone updated as to the KURRENTLY KITTY page of the site.

      The website is also informative as it does contain a link the Mary S. Roberts Spay Neuter Clinic in Riverside, CA on the Quote page.  Anyways, all of that aside, I hope that you enjoy(ed) the website and look forward to hearing from you and your thoughts and/or suggestions. Meanwhile, I am just sitting around waiting to turn into a kitty. By the way there is another business listed on Google that also has the name KITTY KUBBYHOLE.  They have the trademark name on file and everything with Patent Office.  I wasnt aware of this when I chose the name for my website.  So there it is, im covering me arse!

-Patrick Kobold

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