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The kittens listed would have been born under parked cars/dumpster at an apartment. If I am able to adopt to a responsible, loving, forever home, I would ask a fee of $150. 'Forever' (not adopt for 2 years, then surrender to the shelter or dump). I will require (1)a copy of your drivers license, (2) a home check to make sure they are going to a safe environment. These are non-negotiable. You will be responsible for getting them tested for (1)FIV, (2)FELV.  I have no money coming in for doing this, and I have done my best.  Some have the FELV vaccination.  Most still arent fixed because my car went down just as I was going to finish their vaccines.  I am using the vouchers from the shelter to get them fixed. 

These are the ones that could not be returned to their area.

CC # 15 (FERAL)

Potential Rodent Patroller

CC # 14 (FERAL)

Potential Rodent Patroller

Ranch in Perris


Offspring of Apt. Mama

CC # 12 (FERAL)

Potential Rodent Patroller


Offspring of Apt. Mama


Offspring of Apt. Mama

Released back to
my neighborhood. cc12 & 14
likely killed by coyotes on ranch due to inadequate predator proof fencing. I dont think the owners are/were very serious about the cats safety. I was desperate to get them out of kennels and blind to the danger they were brought into. Also, the owners of property didnt improve their fence from the last time this happened, again I was desperate and I regret bringing them to this property

Needs to be placed by herself.

APT. MAMA (mama to kittens)

Ranch in Perris


Being fostered in San Diego


Returning to owner once healed after spay


Daughter of 17th st. mama


Almost fully vaccinated


Was living in my driveway under a car. One vaccine away from fully vaccined.


The only one I have left of an entire family i rescued from underneath a dumpster. 2 siblings are mousers in Norco, security guard took one the night I trapped.  Mama went to Spay Neuter Project in LA with her litter latest litter of 7. 

9 mo. old female, not spayed yet or vaccinated.  The only one I have from a very sad situation in Perris.  To date spayed 5 females and neu. 1 male.  The cycle of kittens being born only to suffer and die has been halted at this site.

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