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This is my best attempt at writing one of these!!!

Well, I am supposed to have a privacy policy to conform to all legal standards of the internet.  From what I gather this about what I do with your information while browsing my site.  Well, I will tell you, I do nothing with it.  There are analytic tools available to people like me on this website that tells me from what country my website was accessed. Pretty cool.  As far as tracking IP addresses or any other information, I wouldn't even know how to access that information. I started this website to post pictures and videos of my cats so that people could see them.  I started rescuing cats in the last 2 years, and I am now using it to show that work as well.  I am not an official organization, just a guy who loves cats. This is just a bare bones site and one day if I somehow become wealthy I will have an official privacy policy drawn up. Thank you.

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