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Patrick (Me)

I am 41, I love cats. I TNR (trap neuter return). Sometimes you can't return them, (some of mine were living under dumpsters/angry business owners 'place of business'/parking lots (cars and kittens)-not a good mix. I am desperately trying to find my rescues homes.  I have fundraisers going for what I have done with rescue.  I get contributions here and there, but I need most of my rescues to go to an organization that has money coming in for their work. I cannot keep using my care credit. The most recent fundraiser is for Cafe Mama, she was hit an assholes car 1/14/23. I just started with Caltrans and on June 26 I saved a black kitten from the center divider. I will put pics someday.

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Not a charitable non-profit 501.c3
However, what I have done and continue to do probably surpasses most organizations.


Thank you for reading! The biggest project was driving 14 cats to San Diego in a uhaul on November11th.  Feral Friends gave me a beenie for free which I ended up losing recently after boarding a bus after feeding one of my colonies. 2 of my fundraisers listed below are complete.  The most recent fundraiser is for Cafe Mama. She was hit by an assholes car 1/14/23.   I have had many people donate to me throughout my time doing this, and I really need to get a thank you page on this website, but I wanted to thank Janet D. and her friend Renee for their donations of $175.  Thank you to Alena who took the 3 kittens I had in kennel.









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