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My name is Patrick. I love cats. Have you heard of these people who adopted a cat or dog during the pandemic. Then when the pandemic is suitable to live again, these very same people, (wherever they got their temporary companion), just dump them or surrender to their nearest shelter or animal welfare est. Horrible. ADOPT from the shelter rather than a special breeder.  There are so many who need homes who get pushed aside for the genetically altered cutie.  There are good people out there: there are Rescues, Adoption events, the ASPCA, Veterinarians, Habitat for Humanity, Actors and Others for Animals, Animal Hospitals, World Wildlife Fund, Animal Emergency clinics, Low cost spay neuter clinics, The Humane Society, Anti-poaching squads, Volunteers, and the living angels who make time to take pictures of the incarcerated in the shelters, posting them on social media, desperately trying to get them homed. 

 So please consider adopting from the shelter instead of paying ridiculous money to 'purchase' a specialty breed. You will be saving a life, a life that may have never been given a chance to show their un-conditional love.


  The kitty pictured above is Mia.  Mia is from the Animal shelter in San Bernardino. She was arrested at the end of May 2019 for being homeless and trying to survive and was living in a 2x2 cage until early June. She was freed from misery, then checked at the Humane Society, then I brought her home. I brought Mia home to be a companion to Midna. Midna was given to me from a coworker when she was less than a month old.  She is shown on the Groups Page. 

Please see the Fundraising page. I am on un-employment and need support.




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